Drive Easy Rider 8Mph Luxury Mobility Scooter 3 Wheeled Black UK

Price: £3,834.70
(as of Oct 07,2018 20:00:04 UTC – Details)

Inspired by the success of the Sport Rider, our design team got to work on a new model that would continue to redefine the typical luxury scooter. The Easy Rider has a striking new design, stunning instrumentation and offers precise handling that must be experienced to be appreciated.

The Easy Rider also comes equipped with many features to ensure user safety as well as comfort, such as all round lighting (including a large headlight, front and rear indicators, and rear brake lights), anti-tip rear wheels, a lap belt, and an anti-roll back safety system to keep you from rolling back down hills as standard.


A rotating sport style seat with sliding and reclining facilities, height adjustable headrest, width and angle adjustable armrests, and angle adjustable handle bars allows the user to set everything to their liking and ensures maximum comfort
Telescopic front motorbike suspension provides optimal handling and excellent manouverability, with a smaller turning circle for use in small areas and busy environments
Easy to use illuminated controls feature a twin dial digital dash that includes a trip computer with odometer for measuring distance travelled
Twin adjustable rear view mirrors for extra visibility
Large seat back storage pocket for keeping essentials safe when out and about
Freewheel facility allows movement of scooter without switching the motor on
Throttle lever with automatic safe-braking system
Additional Hand Brake for added security


Overall Height: 115cm (45″)
Overall Width: 76cm (30″)
Overall Length: 166cm (65″)
Top speed: 8mph (13kmh)
Maximum Range: 31 miles (50km) Depending on conditions of use, please view our battery care guide for information on how care for your batteries and things to consider
Maximum Gradient: 10?
Weight: 100kg (220lb)
Maximum User Weight: 180kg (28 stone)A rotating sport style seat with sliding and reclining facilities
Telescopic front motorbike suspension

Drive Medical Scout 4 Heavy Duty Battery Mobility Scooter Blue UK

Price: £1,224.43
(as of Oct 05,2018 16:00:08 UTC – Details)

Overall length:1092mm/43 in Overall width:483mm/19 in Maximum user weight: 127kg/20st Battery size: 2x 12v 20 aH Range: 21 km/ 13 miles Overall weight: 44kg/99lbs Maximum speed: 6km/4mph Ground clearance: 61mm/2.4 in Extremely manoeuvrable Shopping basket Padded swivel seat Non puncture stylish black tyres
Drive Medical Scout 4 heavy duty battery mobility scooter Blue

Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport Mobility Scooter – Red UK

Price: £1,120.00
(as of Oct 03,2018 15:00:09 UTC – Details)

The stylish, high-performing Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport features an innovative design with a full complement of unique standard features. Charger port conveniently located in the tiller, front and rear LED lighting, 9-inch wheels at front and rear, an additional 2-inch deck space and an increased weight capacity of 23 stone 3lbs. are just a few features that make the Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport an exceptional scooter choice. *Please note: This is a VAT Exemption listing. Once the item has been purchased, we will contact you to retrieve the required VAT Exemption information.The Ultimate High Performance Scooter

Mobility Scooter Shoprider Te 889 SLBF Pellworm (15 km/h) red UK

Price: £2,619.38
(as of Oct 14,2018 20:00:05 UTC – Details)

If you love to have something rasanter, which is attached to the Shoprider Electric Scooter best advice. With a top speed of 15 km/h is also occasional Beeilung no problem and you will arrive on head with bicycle riders. It is also in a similar shape than 6 or 10 km/h version available for a nominal fee.
The versatility of this Elektromobils comes in the climbing skills of your 15% and the Überwindbaren kerb at 10 inches high. At least not easily in the Innerstädtischen there is hardly notice it obstructions, overcome has left. The coverage of senior Mobils is 40 kilometres, so not usually after each ride needs to be connected to the charger. Thanks to the disassembly but it is also the place this isn’t a problem and the 113 kg that sprichwörtlich, hardly any catch the weight.
For comfortable trips will see the in multiple directions adjustable seat and the comprehensive suspension on the front and the rear axle. STRAIN Uterl of 5 Protects the electric scooter comes with basket and allows a load of up to 136 kg. Even Großeinkäufe are so easy.

Scout 4mph Portable Travel Mobility Scooter UK

Price: £699.00
(as of Oct 10,2018 07:00:06 UTC – Details)

The Scout mobility scooter is a wonderful addition to the Drive Medical range and a lot of thought has gone into its design to provide you with a reliable and stylish scooter. It has the option of either 12ah or 20ah batteries depending on the range you expect to use the scooter for. The 20ah battery pack will give you a massive range of up to 13 miles, unrivalled by any other transportable mobility scooter. The solid black non marking tyres allow you to travel with peace of mind and the delta handlebars make the longer journeys more comfortable. Additionally, the height adjustable swivelling seat, adjustable tiller and armrests coupled with the large legroom all combine to make this a very comfortable mobility scooter to use. The maximum user weight is 20 stone which is very unusual for transportable mobility scooters too. All of our mobility scooters come with free courier delivery, batteries and a charger as well as a 12 month parts and labour on-site warranty. We come to you should your scooter ever develop a fault.On board and in-house charging as standard
Weight capacity : 130kg (20st)
Battery: 2 x 12V 12ah
Length : 108cm (42.5″)
Width : 51cm (20″)

Ability Superstore Prism 3 Wheel – Mobility Scooter – With Colour Plates – Yellow UK

Price: £699.00
(as of Oct 08,2018 14:00:15 UTC – Details)

The Prism range come in exciting, vibrant colours: Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Blue, Champagne, Electric Blue and Purple
The Prism splits easily in three: remove the seat, lift out the lightweight battery pack, lower the tiller & release the wireless connectors
Top speed of 4mph and boasting a maximum range of 10 miles on standard 12 Ah battery or 13 miles on the deluxe 20 Ah battery
Safety features include delta bars, puncture proof tyres, anti-roll back system and rear anti-tip wheels for complete piece of mind
Options available – 3/4 wheel versions, with/without colour plates, plates also sold as additional accessories (see other listings)

Morecare Mobility Kymco Maxer ForU 8pmh Mobility Scooter – 35 Mile Range UK

Price: £2,449.00
(as of Oct 05,2018 22:00:04 UTC – Details)

MAXER ForU…. Rugged, Reliable comfort. The new MAXER 8 mph scooter is the next generation ! It brings modern features to enhance your everyday life. Utilising the latest technology, MAXER delivers the very best on a mobility scooter. Specifications: Length: 1490mm, Width: 615mm, Height: 1100mm, Max Speed: 8mph, Wheel Size: 300mm, Wheel Type: Pneumatic, Total Weight: 138kg, Seat Height: 450/510mm, Lights fitted: Yes, Max Slope: 12 degrees, Max User Weight: 31 stone.Rugged, Reliable comfort ! – 8 mph – 35 Mile Range – 31 Stone User Capacity
Contoured Breathable sliding seat – Delta tiller handlebars – Back lit LED dashboard
Available in 4 colours: Glossy Black, Sapphire Blue, Graphite Grey, Flame Orange
Morecare Mobility provide an engineered delivery service. Let us take away the hassle of setting up the Mobility scooter yourself and fully demonstrate to you how to use and get the best use out of your scooter. Contact us direct for further details.

CareCo Zoom Plus Travel Mobility Scooter – Portable 4 Wheel Car Boot Scooter UK

Price: £690.00
(as of Oct 04,2018 13:00:15 UTC – Details)

The CareCo Zoom is one of the best products within the CareCo range. It is both versatile and reliable, making it an excellent travel Mobility Scooter. Due to this success CareCo are pleased to present the CareCo Zoom Plus, the more powerful upgraded version of the CareCo Zoom.

The key improvement of the CareCo Zoom Plus Travel Mobility Scooter is that it now has an increased range of 14 miles thanks to a larger 20 A/H battery letting you go even further. This extra battery life makes the CareCo Zoom perfect for taking with you on days out or even on holiday. The CareCo Zoom Plus Travel Mobility Scooter also can carry a maximum user weight of 20 stone.

Complete with a delta tiller bar the CareCo Zoom Plus Travel Mobility Scooter will aid those with limited strength in their hands and can be used by those with the use of just one hand. This type of tiller bar will also give the user of the mobility scooter greater control over their scooter and making steering easier.

The CareCo Zoom Plus has next generation splitting mechanism which means the mobility scooter can be broken down with the push of a simple lever. Once broken down the CareCo Zoom Plus forms five easy to manage pieces that can safely and conveniently stored into the back of a car boot. As a result the CareCo Zoom Plus is an excellent travel mobility scooter to take with you when going out for the day or if you’re getting away for a holiday.


Height: 89cm

Width: 48cm

Length: 108cm

Product Weight: 43kg

Range uo to: 24km

Max User Weight: 127kg

Max Speed: 6.4 kmph

Handy basket for your important items
Adjustable tiller bar
Swivel seat to enable easier access to the mobility scooter
Solid Puncture Proof Tyres

Drive Medical Envoy 4mph Class 2 Mobility Scooter – Blue by Drive Medical UK

Price: £1,235.09 - £1,296.29
(as of Oct 15,2018 14:00:05 UTC – Details)

The Envoy brings a new stylish design and offers a huge 30 mile range. The Envoy range of Scooters are excellent additions to the Drive range, with the performance usually associated with much larger models. These Scooters include a whole host of excellent features that are a direct result of suggestions made by our dealers and their customers.Max range of 30 mile – Top speed of 4mph
Powerful 350W motor – Battery – 50ah 12v x 2
All round suspension – Stylish silver wheel hubs
Delta bars as standard – Black puncture proof non-marking tyres