HJHY® Household stand frame Paraplegia lower limbs Stroke Cerebral palsy Paraplegia hemiplegia Stand training Rehabilitation Stand equipment UK

Price: £388.75
(as of Sep 16,2018 05:00:04 UTC – Details)

Product Name: Stand Stand
Bracket material: thick steel pipe
Hips and straps rated bearing: 135kg
Pedal rated load: 135kg
Table lift range: 110-140cm
Chest bracket before and after adjustment range: 6.5cm
Back bracket front and rear adjustment range: 16cm
Knee bracket adjustment range: 3.5cm before and after
Correction pedal angle adjustment range: 7 degrees, 18 degrees, 40 degrees, 45 degrees, five-speed adjustment

Disease: lumbar muscle strain
Symptoms: mobility
For people: not limited to
Buy hot: ordinary four feet

Delivery time 10-15 days
Number of products: 1Double straps design, position under the hip and thigh restraint straps, the role is to prevent self-standing when the natural droop buttocks (adjustable elastic)
Knee care, the role of the knee to prevent standing before the song (can be adjusted before and after)
Anti-skid pedal design, the use of metal plate making internal and external correction
Chest care, back care, lacquer, bandages are made of waterproof fabric, beautiful and easy to clean, sponge-filled, comfortable, soft
Widened straps, internal sponge structure composed of comfortable and durable