Etac GmbH The Advisory Committee Perfolight Telescopic Ramp 2 Pcs., 202 cm (Pair) UK

Price: £509.18
(as of Sep 15,2018 22:00:05 UTC – Details) internal width 19 cm Max. length überwindbare Height 40 cm Min Height 116 cm page Profile 5.2 cm Supports/PC 150 kg/pc Weight 5.6 kg For use with chairs manuales. depending on the need may the ramps in the Length adjusts and is adapted to such situations diferentes. during the transport are the telescopic ramps Protected against a auseinandergleitenplegable handles and a lower weight that facilitate the transport and the manipulación. A Perforierung specific of the unit surface reduces the weight a 7% and offers a high security in any situation meteorológica. abfahr surface is non-slip on the bottom with a combinado. ramp non-slip aluminium handle Polypropylene Sleeves ve 1 pairs of. Dimensions: 1200 x 320 x 100 mm.Length: 202 cm