Abilize Stride Sport 4 Wheel Portable Mobility Scooter 22AH Batteries – Orange Burnt UK

Price: £918.00
(as of Sep 13,2018 05:00:04 UTC – Details)

The Abilize Strider Sport Mobility Scooter brings high performance and effortless convenience to the mobility scooter market. With an extended range and an easy-dismantle mechanism, the intuitive design makes this scooter perfect for both travel and pavement use.

The splitting mechanism of the Strider Sport allows you to disassemble the scooter into five lightweight parts that will fit snugly into the boot of your car or into storage, so it’s ideal for those of you who love to take day trips. You don’t need any tools, and there’s no complicated contraptions to contend with.

For such a compact mobility scooter, the Strider Sport still offers comfort and safety at the heart of its design. The rear suspension system dampens the friction between the ground and the frame of the scooter to make for a more forgiving ride over rough and uneven terrain. With the Strider Sport, every journey you make will be free from uncomfortable bumps and vibrations.

There’s a swivel seat for ease of access and the standard delta tiller bar is comfortable even for less agile users. Operating the scooter with just your thumbs offers easy driving for arthritis sufferers, and the wraparound handle bars are comfortable even when you ride for extended periods

The LED headlight is coupled with rear lights to get you home in low-light conditions, while the anti-tip wheels are reassuring when you take on steep hills and kerbs. The electromagnetic braking system is reliable and durable, and more than capable of bringing you to a safe halt even when travelling at the maximum speed of 7 kmh (4 mph).

The Strider Sport also features an improved range capacity compared to other scooters in its class. The 22 A/H battery pack will take you 27 km (17 miles) on a full charge, and is also capable of being detached from the scooter to enable convenient charging.


Height: 89cm

Length: 112cm

Width: 59cm

Front and Back LED lights
Range of up to 27km/17 miles
Max speed 7kmh/4mph
Max user weight: 136kg/21st 6lbs