elsa De Luxe Neck Cushion UK

Price: £112.91
(as of Oct 13,2018 19:00:05 UTC – Details)

Elsa De Luxe neck cushion, suitable for pillowcases 40 x 80 cm.
Feel the difference: with orthopaedic neck pillows made from elsa mineral foam you’ll feel like a new person after just a couple of nights. Place your head on the pillow and experience soft and rejuvenating relief. Your shoulders, neck and cervical spine will thank your.

Your body warmth causes the anatomically shaped pillow to adapt and also enables correct support for the neck and shoulders when lying on the side. The elsa mineral foam is washable so dust and dirt can easily be washed away. Regular washing extends the service life and helps maintain elasticity and hygiene.

Includes soft removable velour cover with zip in ecru.

The right pillow size depends on your mattress. For a firm mattress which barely sinks we recommend the pillow with a height of 11 cm. If your mattress is very soft and sinks a lot we recommend the pillow with a height of 7 cm. 9 cm high pillow specially developed for women.


  • 3 years


  • Size L: 70 x 11 cm (W x H)
  • Size M: 70 x 9 cm (W x H)


  • Pillow core: 100% visco-elastic polyurethane foam
  • Cover: 80% cotton, 20% polyamide

Axcess Suitcase Ramp 1.5 m/5 m UK

Price: £359.90
(as of Oct 13,2018 12:00:04 UTC – Details)

The Advantage Series Suitcase Ramp, with its single fold design, offers a simple and convenient solution for wheelchairs and scooters to access steps, vehicles, and raised landings with ease. This ultra-strong aluminium ramp provides the safety and strength required while remaining light and portable. The ramp can be separated, making it even easier to use, carry, and store. The ramp features high-quality slip-resistant tape with yellow safety strips and a self-adjusting bottom transition plate for easy conversion from ramp to ground. Unfolds to a 736mm (29″) wide platform. External width 765mm (30″).Single fold design
Simple and convenient solution for wheelchairs and scooters to access steps, vehicles and raised landings with ease
Safe and strong, while being light and portable
Separates into two lightweight sections, each with their own carrying handle
Easy conversion from ramp to ground

Axcess Telescopic Ramp 3M/118″ in Length UK

Price: £630.30
(as of Oct 13,2018 06:00:03 UTC – Details)

These ramps are similar to the fixed length broad ramp above but constructed from two nested telescoping sections. This allows a longer length to be spanned with adjustability to suit the user’s requirement. When at their minimum length, they are held closed by a safety catch, which prevents them from moving during transportation and storage. Platform width 700mm (271/2″). External width 765mm (30″).Telescopic broad ramp
Adjustable to suit the user’s requirements
Designed to fit all of the scooter or wheelchair
Side parapets prevent the scooter or wheelchair from falling off the edge
Especially suitable for 3 wheeled scooters

Drive Medical Prism – Red UK

Price: £874.80
(as of Oct 12,2018 23:00:03 UTC – Details)

Bold and modern compact 4-wheel mobility scooter with innovative front design. This boot-friendly scooter is simple to take apart for easy transportation.

  • On-board and off- board charging
  • Height-adjustable swivel seat
  • Available in a range of colours

RAMP foldi-rampes ” UK

Price: £849.80
(as of Oct 12,2018 16:00:03 UTC – Details)

Delivery within 5 days. If your order has products to different families, the order will be on the longer, without the time more than 5 days to roll off the production line. foldi-rampescettepaire lifts repliablesvous will allow the chair derentrer Electric effortlessly in the car or defranchir an obstaclejusqu’ For 40 cm high.Pair of Folding Ramps. Length 100 to 200 cm Internal Width 21 cm Made from anodised aluminium ramp WEIGHT 6,3 kg Maximum weight supported by a ramp 150 kg

Opti Max Length 3 m Ramps Ramp ” UK

Price: £879.67
(as of Oct 12,2018 11:00:06 UTC – Details)

Delivery within 5 days. If your order has products to different families, the order will be on the longer, without the time more than 5 days to roll off the production line. The sleeping bag opti-rampes Max This pair of ramps 600lbs poignéesde transport and helps to move to a obstaclejusqu’ to 60 cm in height.Length 116 to 288 cm Internal Width 18 cm Material Anodised Aluminium Ramp weight 8.2 kg Maximum weight supported by a ramp 125 kg

Etac GmbH The Advisory Committee Perfolight Telescopic Ramp 2 Pcs., 202 cm (Pair) UK

Price: £506.68
(as of Oct 12,2018 06:00:06 UTC – Details) internal width 19 cm Max. length überwindbare Height 40 cm Min Height 116 cm page Profile 5.2 cm Supports/PC 150 kg/pc Weight 5.6 kg For use with chairs manuales. depending on the need may the ramps in the Length adjusts and is adapted to such situations diferentes. during the transport are the telescopic ramps Protected against a auseinandergleitenplegable handles and a lower weight that facilitate the transport and the manipulación. A Perforierung specific of the unit surface reduces the weight a 7% and offers a high security in any situation meteorológica. abfahr surface is non-slip on the bottom with a combinado. ramp non-slip aluminium handle Polypropylene Sleeves ve 1 pairs of. Dimensions: 1200 x 320 x 100 mm.Length: 202 cm

Durabe Aluminium Multi-fold Wheelchair Ramps – Black Grip (10) UK

Price: £314.48
(as of Oct 11,2018 21:00:08 UTC – Details)

The Ramp People’s new range of multi-fold wheelchair ramps are compact and versatile and are all available to buy VAT exempt if you qualify.

These ramps are solid, durable and have a choice of anti- slip grip surface. This range folds to half its length and then to half its width, making them really compact and easy to store. They just rest into position and don’t require installation. Suitable for manual and electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

These double width track ramps are ideal for use as a wheelchair ramp or disabled ramp in a house, care home or high street retail environment for DDA compliance. The four hinged sections simply unfold and can be positioned safely with an angled lip to rest at the top of the ramp. A centre mounted carry handle makes them easy to move and locking pins hold the ramp shut when folded. Because of their good width and compactness they are perfect for use as a scooter ramp.

Extremely high quality and durable these folding loading ramps are not to be mistaken for inferior copies seen elsewhere.

Lengths from 1220mm (4ft) to 3048mm (10ft) available
Folding Ramp Design for easy storage and transport
275kgs capacity/Open Width 720mm
Manufactured from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium (type 6005A)
Robot Welded for Solid, Strong and Durable Construction

24″ Spinergy LX Wheelchair Wheel with Black Spokes (Black Hub) UK

Price: £412.90
(as of Oct 11,2018 16:00:12 UTC – Details)

Spinergy wheels are world renowned for quality and comfort. A smoother ride means less vibration and shock reaches the body, which can reduce muscle spasms and body fatigue. The patented use of fibre spokes has numerous benefits to the user. Fibre spokes act as a vibration and shock dampener , they are 25% more absorbent than steel. The spokes are also much lighter than steel spokes (1/2 the weight) helping reduced the overall chair weight. Fibre spokes are also much stronger than steel (3x as strong) which makes the wheel be able to withstand higher stresses. Combined with the custom rim and hub, makes Spinergy the highest performing and most reliable wheel design on the market.Extremely reliable, quiet and comfortable for everyday needs
Pro fibre 3mm spokes
1/2″ sealed cartridge bearings (R8)
Hub width: 46.5mm (1.80″)
Spoke quantity: 12