MADE IN AMERICA!Pacesaver scooters, one of the only scooters still made in America by Leisure Lift, have been around for over 18 yrs. and are known for their simplicity and long term reliability as many veteran Pacesaver riders will attest to with great commitment. Every once in a while, we will get a 10 or 12 yr old Pacesaver in for service and we marvel at how well these scooters still function. The reputation for being extremely well made coupled with the companies 5 year warrantee make Pacesaver scooters a great long term value that should be given strong consideration if you are looking to purchase a scooter. MADE IN AMERICA!!! Call 727-786-3259


Fusion series scooters- Full size scooter performance with compact handling characteristics.
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PLUS 3 JUNIOR- compact scooter with full size performance.
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PASSPORT PREMIER- Pacesaver's full size economy scooter.
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PLUS III Espree PREMIER-Pacesavers classic full size scooter. Proven built to last.
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ESPREE PREMIER-Pacesavers Espree scooters have a battery shroud/cover instead of separate battery cases like the Passport or Plus 3 series.
Proven built to last.
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ESPREE TITAN-Pacesavers Espree Titan is equiped with a 1.25 hp motor for more power and 325 lbs wt. cap.
Proven built to last.
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ESPREE ATLAS-Pacesavers Espree Atlas is designed for a 450 wt. capacity. Comes standard with a heavy duty transaxle.
Proven built to last. 5 yr. warrantee.
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